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 Introduce Yourself Forum Rules.

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PostSubject: Introduce Yourself Forum Rules.   Fri Dec 30, 2011 6:58 pm

I am making this thread because I have found that people posting in someone elses thread just say the word "Hi", "Hello" or "Welcome". It's kind of not fair that you just say one word in greeting someone, since it raises your post count on one word. So if you want to greet someone atleast type a sentence atleast to make it less spam going on in this forum.

Ok to the rules of the Introduce Yourself Forum.

1. When creating a thread make sure it's in English since this forum is English. If you want to make a welcoming thread in your own language you can create it in the international forums on the main forum page.

2. When the welcome thread has been inactive for atleast 10 days please do not reopen the thread since there is no point in posting a welcome message. This will be looked as spamming.

3. Try not to have long chats in here. You could take the talks to the Chatroom Forums if you wish to talk about anything other than Extreme RO.

4. If you wish to greet someone please greet in a polite way. Don't just post random things to increase your post count. If you do then your post will be deleted from that thread.

Thats all for now until there are any other rules that are needed to be added.
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Introduce Yourself Forum Rules.
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