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 Rules and how to use the Chatroom Forums.

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PostSubject: Rules and how to use the Chatroom Forums.   Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:02 pm

Please read through the rules before posting in this section of the forums.

1. You can talk anything you like in this part of the Forums since its a free chatroom. You are not allowed to open threads which contain things such as Adult material, Racism, Sexuality discussions or even advertising other servers.

2. When talking in this Forum try not to spam too much even though its the chatroom section try not to just only post 1 word posts or just a emoticon. This will be taken as spam and if you keep on repeating this you will get your account banned and you'll have to remake a new one.

3. Even though you can talk anything in this part of the Forum. You still cannot abuse, insult or harrass anyone. Judging the case if you are going off the edge too far you will be permantly banned from the forums. But if its just small cases such as "Your so gay" or "F*** you" etc. You will be given a warning before action is taken upon you.

4. From now on do not create threads which are total useless and just for spam because I have noticed that some people have reach over 450 post counts with just one thread.

Can't think of anymore other rules. If you have any rules which should be put into my list please be welcomed to post your thoughts.

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Rules and how to use the Chatroom Forums.
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