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 Gallery Rules

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PostSubject: Gallery Rules   Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:57 pm


1] Do not recreate a gallery. That would be the same as making a double topic.
Now, I know you all want to make a fresh start and make new artwork to beat your old, but seriously, creating one gallery after the other is extremely annoying. If you must resurrect your old gallery, DO SO. Your new gallery thread will be deleted.

2] Do not claim someone else work as your own!
This is known as ripping. Ripping is exactly like plaigarising (where someone else does all the work for you and you show it off to be your own). If I see any evidence of ripping, you will not receive warns. 10 day mute and removal of signature.

3] Do not flame someone's work, as much as you think it "sucks" or whatever.
Flaming is the lowest form of constructive criticism. This will get you perhaps a warning, then a five day mute.
If you are going to criticize someone's work, make sure you're doing constructive criticism. Tell them where they went wrong and (perhaps) how they can fix it.

4] Do not continue a discussion on things off-topic or continue an ABABAB chat on someone's gallery thread.
Okay, so the signature this person has created has a bike in it, then someone comments on the artistic value of the signature and then drags in a topic of the bike brand. Everyone begins ignoring the work and then starts discussing bikes and how many they have and how much they're going to pay for one. THIS IS NOT THE CHATROOM.
First time, we raise your warn level. Second time, you get a mute.

5] Do not request for a signature in the Gallery section/any gallery found in this branch.
Always remember that this is a GALLERY, not a REQUEST THREAD. If you wish to request, PM the person who you want to make the signature for you, do not post in his/her gallery saying that you want a signature from him/her or your post will be considered as Spam and nothing else. First time, we raise your warn level. Second time, you get a mute(not specific)

6] Galleries/Topics/Thread that has been inactive ( no new replies ) for 4 weeks after the last reply will be automatically closed. You can request Fanfics Moderator to reopen it via PM.
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Gallery Rules
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