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 Submission Guide

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PostSubject: Submission Guide   Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:31 pm

Submission Guide

This should be followed and maintained when submitting a guide. The mod team reserves the right to reject any guide that does not comply with the requirements mentioned in this guide.

Adding A Topic Title

When deciding for a topic title, make sure you use something related to the guide. A good topic title would be "[Quest] Jedi & Sith Job Quest". An example of a poor topic title would be "READ THIS!!!!!!". Add a good description for the topic too. The title may be descriptive but keep it short. Add a bit more info on the description. Also note that we need to keep the Guides & FAQs section organized. This isn't some sort of a system just to mess with you but rather something to make it easy for you to search and find guides that you would need during your time here on ExtremeRO.

When creating a title, make sure you add a prefix/category enclosed in brackets such as "[Quest] Title". That way, we can have a bit of categorization and identify if the guide is for an in game quest, or for a forum feature.
Available prefixes/categories are provided below.

• Help - Guides that have a general purpose such as how not to get hacked.
• Forum - Guides related to the forum such as how to change your signature.
• InGame - Guides containing everything you need to know about in game mechanics such as how to use battlemode.
• Quest - Quest guides such as how to make Icarus Items.
• Tech - Troubleshooting and technical guides such as Connection Tweaks or how to fix the Assassin Mask Error.
• Event - Guides that will help you how to do the most common events in game or in the forum.
• Other - Guides that does not belong in the above categories.

The moderation team also holds the right to change your topic title when necessary.

Writing The Guide

When writing your guide, make sure you use proper grammar and format. Use bullets, center alignments, colors, text sizes and fonts. This is not something to make your guide stand out or beautiful but something to spark your readers interest. Reading a wall of text without proper formatting is boring and might not help your readers absorb the info you are trying to share. Formatting the important steps in your guide to Bold also helps catch the attention of your reader. Compare both samples below and see which is easier to read.

Quote :
Without proper formatting.

When installing, make sure you download all files. Sakray kRO and ExtremeRO. Install all of them in the same folder and run all their exe's and patch them completely. If you go through some errors, take a screenshot of it and post it in the forums. Staff members and fellow players will help you as soon as they can.

Quote :
With proper formatting.

When installing, please do the following:
Download kRO, Sakray and ExtremeRO installers. You may download kRO and Sakray from RateMyServer and the ExtremeRO installer from our website.
Install all three in the same folder. This is usually C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO
Run Ragnarok.exe and wait until it completely patches. Run Ragnarok_RE.exe and do the same.
Run ExtremeRO-Updater.exe and wait for it to completely patch.

Replying To A Guide

I know that it's been a while since users have just been replying random posts and thank you posts. This will not be allowed anymore. Spamming the guide with useless posts does not help in any way at all. A guide is suppose to be read by readers and full of information. A guide with useless posts just lengthens the thread, confuses the reader and makes them think that there are more posts below.

When replying, please avoid posting messages such as Thanks without anything else to say. The only replies contained in these guides must be from the moderator who approved the guide, more information from the author, more information from other users, questions regarding the guide and updates. Anything else may be considered spam and warned.
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Submission Guide
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